Mariachi Latino Band

The band got together in September 2021; it consists of a group of 10 Latin members from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and Chile and one Canadian!

The members of the band:

Ana is the founder of the mariachi band and the lead feminine singer! The word “impossible” does not exist in her dictionary!

He plays several instruments, sings, teaches and guides the entire band. He is a musical genius! Wait to hear his voice!

Experienced guitar player and now plays the vihuela. Christian is a very talented musician and he leads the guitars!

Experienced bass player and has transitioned to play the guitarron. Music runs in his blood! Nobody practices more than he does; he rocks!

Carmelle is pure gold! She as an experienced and talented violin player, she plays for the RSO as well!

Marcel is the youngest member. He is only 12 and he is very talented, he is also member of the youth conservatory orchestra! 

Luis is still new to the trumpet, but has shown some amazing skills to learn! Way to go Luis!

She is a guitar player and singer; she is very talented, dedicated and successful woman!

She is the youngest of the female musicians! She is a very smart and talent beautiful girl!

Everyone knows Regino! He is the happiest member of the band and he is a Singer! 

She is a guitar player and music is her passion!

Mariachi Latino debuted in September 10, 2022 with great acceptance from the public!

Be ready to forget all your problems, sing and dance along with us! Music does not know about color, races, distance, or anything it makes everyone’s heart beat at the same rhythm!


Contact for Mariachi Latino: Ana Hernandez Reyes (306) 550 9951

Located in Regina SK. Find us on Facebook as “Latino Mariachi Band”